The receiver is of combination field-effect transistor and integrated-circuit design.
The sensitivity is adjustable from 1 microvolt to 30 microvolts as desired by the user,
permitting a control range of 1 to 20 miles. Receivers are shipped normally adjusted to a
sensitivity of 10 microvolts. The unit is designed to operate from 120 volt ±20% 50-60 HZ
single phase power.

     The system is activated upon receiving a series of pulses of R.F. energy where
each succeeding pulse follows the preceding pulse by not more than one second.
     After receipt of five pulses the relay closes.
     The solid state timer will continue to operate for 15 minutes after which it will
cause the system to revert to the original "off" condition. The timer is reset by the receipt
of five pulses at anytime, reinitiating the 15 minute "run" cycle. The operating time may be
selected in 15 minute increments from 15 minutes to 1 hour by setting switches on the
Timer Board.
     During testing, the 15 minute operating period may be terminated by pressing the
Timeout Switch on the base assembly.
In the event of power failure, the system will resume operation in the last
commanded mode
    The solid state receiver-controller is composed of five printed circuit cards which
include the regulated power supply and test oscillator.


     The model RC-1T2A controller has been specifically designed to provide remote
control of airport lighting systems which require only one control function. This control
system will allow the approaching pilot to turn the runway lights on at his discretion. The
RC-1T2A is enclosed in a weather-proof water-tight housing and is conservatively
designed for continuous outdoor unattended operation.

     The RC-1T2A receiver controller complies with FCC rules and regulations Part 15.


  • Maximum utilization of your lighting equipment.
  • Saves electricity, bulbs and maintenance cost. 
  • Unattended All-Weather operation.
  • Simple installation.


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