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The RC-1T5A Receiver Controller is supplied with the 11-0466-1 Decoder PC Card as seen below.

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11-0466-1 Decoder
This decoder senses input signals from the receiver, and decodes the commanded level to set the runway lights. The lights will be commanded in the normal 3-5-7 sequence as specified in the Advisory Circular.

When setting from the brightest setting to a lower intensity, the lights will be commanded to the required level with no intermediate steps.

As an option, either as a new unit, or as a field update, the standard decoder may be replaced by the 11-0566-1 MALSR Decoder Board. (Fully Interchangable)

Seen at right are five (5) of the listed PC boards.

Established in 1972

  1. 11-0088 Power Supply
  2. 11-0095 Relay Board
  3. 11-0377 Timer Board
  4. 11-0466 Decoder Board (RC-1T5A)
  5. 11-0155 Receiver Board
  6. 11-0566 MALSR Decoder Board
  7. 11-0366 Decoder Board

           (RC-1T4A Heliport Lighting)

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